June 23

Pride of Accomplishment – and what really matters

Earlier today we received the shipment of “preview copies” for Into the Breach. This is the first book that I authored by myself (as opposed to contributing) – and it took longer than expected. Despite the delays, the entire journey has been amazing!

To open the book and hold the finished (albeit preview) product in my hands felt cool.Okay, I did a little happy dance in the office. Then I realized that the book website is out of date (and is slated for massive overhaul next weekend). We’re also working on the link for pre-orders and a final ship date for the Hardcover version…. mind racing, pressure building, I got back to work.

Just now, my children came home. My son actually snuck into my office (he’s getting good!), walked up behind me and yelled “Congratulations” and gave me a huge hug. He was as excited as his birthday when I handed him his own copy. He looked me dead in the eye and told me, “Daddy, this must have taken a lot of time. I am very proud of you.” His entire body let me know he was excited. And proud. A minute later, my daughter came running in, cheering for me. She immediately asked for her copy, hugged me and told me the book looked “great.”

The tears welled up as they scampered upstairs to put their books in “a safe place.”

I didn’t write this book for the sake of writing; rather I wrote to shift thinking and change behaviors. I asked, “What if breach isn’t the problem?” and then spent a few years blending and distilling sociology, psychology, applied economics and experience with technology to share some insights and suggest a path. I wrote to make a difference. The process of writing involved the entire family – and for that, I am grateful.

Holding the book today was an awesome feeling. And yet it was quickly trumped by the simple celebration and pride my children took in me. This is what really matters. Today is a day to remember.

Update: My parents and Grandmother came by for dinner. My son ran out to meet them – book in hand. Couldn’t wait to tell them “how totally awesome Daddy’s book is.” Totally an awesome day to remember.

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  1. Michael –

    I have to say that today’s post really made my day. I can only imagine the hours that you’ve put into writing this book, but to see the response of your children really reveals your character as a dad. They clearly know what an effort this was and their celebration of your accomplishment certainly shows what you mean to them.

    Thanks for reminding all of us about the wonderful treasure we have in a loving and supportive family.

    Every success on the book.


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