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Do you qualify for this team approach to Straight Talk?

What if you could solve a pressing team challenge while developing individual ability to use the Straight Talk Framework?

If your team qualifies – get this new team approach added to your Straight Talk Leadership Experience for no extra charge (this is only for teams acting before US Thanksgiving 2016).

UPDATED: learn more here:

The Straight Talk Framework solves problems where friction creeps in and destroys value. The best way to learn and reach more people faster is to solve a real problem. That’s the principle upon which the Straight Talk Leadership Experience is built.

I noticed a theme in the questions over the last week. People asked me what would happen if they trained their team on the Straight Talk Framework. Some even inquired about any plans I had to help organizations make this part of their onboarding process.

That got me thinking.

Can we overlay coaching and guidance for a team on the Straight Talk Leadership Experience?

I’ve thought about it for the last few days. The answer is yes.

In fact, I love this. It means teaching people in context while helping the team work together a solve a problem. You get the benefit of the solution, and the team gets to learn how to do it. It means you’ll need less consulting and get consistently better results.

Now I’m eager to prove how it works.

That means an opportunity for you… if you’re part of a team of 5-10 people.

Let me explain how I see it working, and then share what I’m willing to offer in return for helping me craft the approach.

Here’s how the beta of the team approach works

Step 1: Sign up for the Straight Talk Leadership Experience as a team of 5-10 people:

The core of the approach is the Straight Talk Leadership Experience. The key is working through the experience as a team. It can be:

  • Your your current team
  • Internal blended team (pull people from different parts of your organization)
  • External blended team (build a team between organizations – including solution providers)

Step 2: We define the pressing issue (together)

We’ll work through a rapid discovery to define the focus of the team. It tends to be broad issues of alignment, prioritization, and budget & buy-in. We could include solution acceleration or the need to figure out what to focus on. As long as it’s real and we articulate what success looks like, I’m game.

Step 3: We work as a team in parallel with Cohort 2 of the Straight Talk Leadership Experience

The team approach happens in parallel with the individual Straight Talk Leadership Experience. This allows each team member to learn in their own context and environment. The added benefit is guiding the team to a better performance, together.

It means addressing a pressing issue while training the team. Here’s how it works:

  • We hold an extra weekly group coaching session for your team
  • Along the way, I can enhance the experience by showing how to apply and adapt training to the team challenge.
  • Everyone works through their individual and team experience

When the course wraps up, we’ll come together to address the pressing issue. I’ll make sure everyone is confident in the best next step.

Are you part of a team? Interested?

I’d like to work with three teams of 5-10 people.

I have a sense this is a $10,000 or more add-on in future cohorts. I’m actually encouraged by what I think this will do to benefit the whole program. I’m eager to prove the value.

Here’s what you need to do to qualify:

  • Connect with me to discuss your situation and desired improvement
  • Buy 5-10 seats in Cohort 2 of the Straight Talk Leadership Experience before US Thanksgiving
  • Agree to the schedule we need to add the coaching package to your solution

Best part? If you qualify, I’ll add the package in for no extra charge.

That means you’ll get:

  • Setup & Discovery
  • 6-8 team coaching sessions
  • Follow-up coaching and guidance to address the pressing issue

All I ask is you work through it with intensity. That way we capture the the process, the real value, and you serve as a (sanitized) case study. I’ll ask for a testimonial when we’re done.

Why would I do this?

Because I want to prove it works. In the process, I know I’ll learn more about how it works. And then I’ll have a clear approach when we offer another cohort in the future.

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