June 11


Security Catlayst 31 – Interview with Scott Barlow from Reflexion

I’m passionate about security, but also in exploring new solutions to the problems we face. Lately I’ve been exploring the economics of spam, and looking into ways we can disrupt the economics of spam in an effort to reduce it. During our first Security Round Table podcast, we talked about spam, and I mentioned that I was interested in disposable email addresses – and asked for links to companies that could do it.

A few days later, I came across Reflexion, a company with a different approach to reducing spam, since they use what they call “non-disposable” email addresses. I called and shared some good technical discussions, and then decided to interview Scott Barlow about their solution.

Now this marks the first time I have interviewed a vendor about their solution. I took an approach of asking the questions I would ask them if I were going to consider them for my company or on behalf of a client. I hope you find this useful, and if so, I will look for other noteworthy solutions to share with you.

Either way, let me know – and ask more questions in our forum in this thread (click on the link).

In the podcast, Scott mentions a link to a diagram, here is the diagram.

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