July 18

Santarcangelo on Connecting Security to the Business • Interview on Tripwire.com

Anthony M. Freed recently interviewed me on my work to change behaviors by making security make sense. Specifically, the questions focused on how to effectively communicate value and he even got me to share some insights from the upcoming Master the Value Imperative.

I enjoyed the process and appreciate the opportunity to share my passion to help others.

An excerpt:

Security professionals at the most senior level more than ever before need to have the prerequisite skills to effectively communicate the value of their teams’ efforts across the organization by building strong connections with department leaders and upstream to the C-suite and Board of Directors by speaking in a language the executive level is accustomed to hearing: The language of enterprise risk.

Often there is a temptation to inundate key executives with complex data on the threat landscape coupled with reams of attack information gleaned from network monitoring tools in an effort to compel a sense of urgency and import, which most often results in the audience feeling overwhelmed and the message being lost as they tune out.


I invite you to read the entire interview at: http://www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/it-security-data-protection/connecting-security-to-the-business/michael-santarcangelo-on-connecting-security-to-the-business/


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