November 19


Santarcangelo Versus Symantec (Security 2.0)

I’m already working on he post explaining Security 2.0 and the new names we are considering; too many people have spent good time working on a new framework to help improve the way we practice and advance information security. And the reason I mention we is that while this started as my musings, it is quickly becoming a project, a movement – and when it’s ready, it will be public and it will be free.

I was alerted to this link the other day, and I have to admit, it was nice to read. While I hate bringing attention to myself, I wanted to share this article with you: Is Symantec’s Vision for Security 2.0 the Real One?

I also liked the summary, since this nailed precisely what we are trying to do with this effort.

Santarcangelo’s concept of Security 2.0 for the community stems from the now popular Web 2.0 movement, which is largely aimed at ushering power back to the users and allowing them to have more meaningful interactions. Santarcangelo’s concept of Security 2.0 builds upon that — software above the level of a single device, software that is portable, security solutions that are non-static and can be seamlessly integrated and expanded in a way that improves the world around us.

And I would add: it’s focusing on the core design values that matter. It combines behavioral science with technology to build solutions; solutions that focus on people and process and guide the selection of technology as opposed to the current methods where technology takes the center stage. And since I have been testing my research, we are now gaining proof that this works, and works well.

So, expect more to come. And thanks to SDA Asia for the moral support; who knows, maybe instead of Santarcangelo versus Symantec, we’ll be able to work together to create a bold new future in which we all celebrate the new practice of security and truly make a difference (which is more important than making money).

PS: I am a capitalist. If you want to bring the benefit of my experience and research to your company, send me an email and we chat.

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