June 18


Security Catalyst 32 – Three Steps to Reduce Laptop Thefts (and Protect Data)

Happy Father’s Day!

In reflecting on the lessons I learned (and continue to learn!) from my father (thanks, Dad!), I was considering the recent data breaches we have witnessed as a result of laptop (and other) theft. The reactions have been predictable and focus on finger pointing, passing the blame and then looking for the magical silver bullet that will solve the problems.

I think the solutions don’t start with technology, but rather start by addressing personal responsibility and accountability. From that basis, we are able to make better decisions and provide strong foundations on which to build our solutions.

In this podcast, I share with you some of the lessons I have learned in how we can affect this change. I share with you my experience and look forward to your contributions in the catalyst community.

I also share some of the listener survey results; great stuff for me, perhaps not as exciting for you. Thanks to your help, reviews and subscriptions, I have a healthy sense of what you expect and pledge to continue to improve and provide good value to you. If you want to know what’s coming ahead or provide feedback, please check the forums. And you are always welcome to send me an email, but for the next few months, I’m going to focus on programming.

If you’d like to explore or challenge the concepts I introduced today, please contribute to this thread in the forums.


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