July 18


Security Catalyst 33 – Insider Interviews – The FBI Innocent Images Program

As a father, I know that protecting my children and keeping them safe as they grow and develop is important. In today’s world, that extends to the way that we and our children use the Internet, as well as teaching them about the predators that lurk in the shadows.

On this important episode of the Security Catalyst, we are joined by FBI Special Agent David Fallon and Police Officer Jonathan Lester – part of the FBI Innocent Images program. In addition to educating us about their efforts, they share simple tips and strategies that we should all be following to protect our children, as well as ways that we can get involved to help (without harming their efforts).

Here is the listing of resources mentioned on the podcast. I will continue to update and expand this page (especially with your help and suggestions): https://securitycatalyst.com/protect-children/

Based on this interview, I have started research and looking for some additional interviews to provide us with some insights on how to coach our children through this important process, the steps we need to take to protect our children and ourselves, the ways we can get involved. If you want to contribute, please send me an email.

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