January 22

Security Catalyst 14 (Rundown with Matt Yoder #1)

Join us as Matt Yoder, formerly just a text contributor to the blog, finally puts his money where his mouth is (or vice versa,) and joins Michael in co-hosting the Security Catalyst Rundown #1!

On this episode, we dive into the industry lingo and what is really meant by “rootkit, trojan, and backdoor,” and how those terms relate to some of the topics in the news lately. We also discuss patch management for a home user as it compares to the corporate world, and analyze some of the difficulties both sides get to contend with. We then wrap up with an introductory look at Risk Assessment, and are reminded that NIST has recently updated their excellent guidance document, SP800-40 with a second version (November 2005).

The links from the show are here….
Creating a Patch and Vulnerability Management Program (NIST SP 800-40V2)

We developed this weekend show based on feedback and a desire to introduce some new ideas into the security dialogue. Send feedback, ideas, suggestions and questions to securitycatalyst@gmail.com. Thanks for listening!

The following track from the podsafe music collection of podshow was used during the introduction of SC14.

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  1. Just listened to this podcast. I was very disappointed in your analysis of the WMF backdoor analysis done by Steve Gibson. He has excellent credenttials in low level programming and security. You and your co-host also mis-represented the issue of how long this backdoor has been in place. Maybe you should re-listen to all the podcasts from SecurityNow! on this topic or at least review the transcripts.

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