I am pleased to offer you Security Catalyst 18, an “In the trenches” edition that focuses on Cyber and Homeland Security. The current belief is that 85% or more of our critical infrastructure that needs to be protected is owned and operated by the private sector. So how do we effectively share information with the government and what should we be doing to protect ourselves? This show is geared for anyone interested in Homeland Security – especially if you want to make a difference.

One program available to US citizens and companies is Infragard – the joint partnership between the FBI and corporations to foster that cooperation. I recently was able to interview Special Agent Jim Beane, from the Albany, NY Division about his experience in the FBI as it related to cybercrime, homeland security and InfraGard.

Special Agent Beane candidly shares some insights about the value of sharing information, as well as dispells some myths and provides important information on how we can better help in the effort to secure cyberspace and protect our homeland.

If you have questions about membership in InfraGard or cybercrime that were not addressed, please send me an email to se**************@gm***.com and I will work to get them answered for you.

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InfraGard – Guarding the Nation’s Infrastructure

To Join InfraGard

To report an cyber-related complaint — Internet Crime Complaint Center

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