March 30


Security Catalyst 22 (Insider Interviews) – How to protect yourself from Identity Theft with John Sileo

Identity Theft is a topic covered nearly every day in the newspapers, magazines and television programs we watch. It continues to be the top complaint filed with the FTC each year — and as this problem continues to grow, we suddenly have a lot of “experts” handing out misleading and wrong information!! Do you know what to do to protect yourself? Are you sure?
For our Security Insider Interview this week, we are joined by Identity Theft expert and author of Stolen Lives, John Sileo. John and I met this summer at the National Speakers Association, and I was skeptical at first about his expertise (since like I already wrote, there are a lot of people who claim to be experts). I’m happy to tell you that John is the real deal – and you’ll learn why and experience his passion in our interview.

This is a show you will want to listen to again and share with your friends. IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, PLEASE TAKE SOME ACTION TO PROTECT YOURSELF TODAY. John offers sound advice; if you follow his suggestions, you just might prevent your own personal disaster.


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To learn how to “think like a spy,” use this link to order the Stolen Lives Book.

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