April 5


Security Catalyst 23 – Greylisting (and why you should be using it)

Join me as we start our look at open source email protections by looking at Greylisting. Greylisting is a simple, but highly effective, measure to help reduce spam. What is most promising about greylisting is that it actually provides a great economic disincentive to spammers at a low economic cost for us. OUTSTANDING!

So listen in and learn how you can use greylisting to your benefit and join me in providing cost effective ways to reduce spam.

If you would like to join the Security Catalyst Research effort to implement greylisting, please go to the forums here: Forum Topic (This does require FREE registration)
If you would like to learn more about greylisting, click here to read the whitepaper written by Evan Harris.

The forum question of the week, needing YOUR answer is here: Looking To Get Certified

Thanks for listening! If you liked the podcast, please tell a friend. If not, or you have suggestions for how to improve, please tell me: securitycatalyst@gmail.com.


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