When I first read the term podslurping, many things came to mind. My second reaction was along the lines of “we’ve known about the risk from USB and portable devices for a while, so what’s new?” Then I finally got around to reading the article and learning from Abe Usher why I needed a different mindset.

It turns out that advancements in USB technology, combined with the improvement of the devices that use USB and the ever-growing storage capacity, in fact, pose a significant potential threat. We focus a lot of time and energy right now on perimeter protections and the like – and yet freely recognize insider threats are more damaging.

Abe Usher got the word out, and now he joins Security Catalyst to help change the way we think about end point security. Listen now to learn how podslurping can affect you – and what you can do about it today.

Learn more about podslurping from Abe Usher at his Sharp Ideas website.

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