April 21

Security Catalyst 26 – Insider Interviews – Randal Schwartz

In late July 1995, a trial jury convicted Randal L. Schwartz of three felony counts under Oregon’s Computer Crime Law (learn more here). On this episode, we are joined by the legendary Randal Schwartz to discuss what happened to him, how you can prevent it from happening to you, and what we can all do about it in the future.

We will invite Randal back again in the future to talk about perl and application security – but I hope that you are able to enjoy this interview and learn how to protect yourself. The focus is not on the company Randal was working with, but with how broad laws can hurt – and the protections we should all have in place.

Randal has joined our forums to take part in any discussion about how to deal with laws like this, and how we can, as a community, make a difference. I look forward to your insights and experiences: Click here to go to the forums.

In case you missed the teleseminar on Tuesday, the information and discussion has started: Click Here to talk about “Free Security.”

I’d like to know what sites you use for “best practices.” Share your insights here: Security Best Practices

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