August 28


Security Catalyst – 35 – Introducting Security 2.0

Recorded! From a hotel room in Phoenix (sure, it’s hot, but it’s a dry heat – try taking a tumble in your clothes dryer)… it’s another Security Catalyst Podcast (I know, about time!).

I’m actually excited to share something I’ve been quietly working on now for over a year – the evolution of security I have been calling Security 2.0. Wait! Look past the name and check out what I think the future for information security holds. I have started to collaborate with Ron Woerner on what this would entail, and we have submitted a proposal to speak at RSA 2007 in February – if selected, we hope that will be where the concepts really get grounded and introduced.

Until then, you can count on Ron and I to start to advance the concepts and the ideas covered in Security 2.0. Basically, security 2.0 comes down to three elements:

  • leveraging web 2.0 to improve the way we practice information security
  • taking the knowledge we have and securing web 2.0 offerings
  • the tools, skills, attitudes and experiences of a Security 2.0 professional

Basically, I believe it’s time to completely shift the way we practice information security. We have to change the focus, make it more convenient, more simple and more, well, secure. It’s not that simple – but in this podcast, I introduce the concepts in a condensed fashion. More details will emerge and evolve in the coming weeks and months.

I look forward to your ideas, insights, passions and excitement as we work together to celebrate the positives and truly blaze a new trail in the future of information security. By learning our history and studying other fields, we will advance!

If you’re new to Web 2.0, here are some links to get you started:

Start Here:

What Is Web 2.0

This is a good summary: 

I found this useful, too:

As we prepare to relaunch the Security Catalyst Community, we’ll incorporate a section for Security 2.0 so we can work collaboratively, leveraging Web 2.0 tools (!) to evolve this concept.

Help spread the word by linking to the Security Catalyst and share these ideas and concepts with others!


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