September 27


Security Catalyst 36 – SPECIAL REPORT: Did Two Factor Authentication Really Fail?

Welcome back! Yeah, I know, that’s better said to me than by me. The complications of travel, life and podcasting have conspired against me, but not dimished my passion, the expansion of the blog or the re-creation of the catalyst community.

In this episode, I introduce a new segment: “sites to see” and start pointing out security and security 2.0 websites to use.

This weeks Site to See

Microsoft Security Advisories

You can learn why I think it’s worth checking out by listening to the podcast. If you have a suggestion for future sites to see (your own or something you think is valuable), send me your idea (and get credit) by email:
Special Report
Did Two Factor Really Fail?

The short answer is: no – listen to learn what could have been done differently and why you should care!

Special Offer
I am offering a substantial discount to the first few people who want to improve the way their company addresses compliance and security (while making themselves look like rockstars) as I am about to unveil Effective Assurance. Listen to the podcast for details – or send me an email at — I look forward to sharing my passion with you and helping you improve compliance through security without wasting another dollar!

**** 17 Days and the Catalyst Community is OPEN!! ****


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