October 30


Security Catalyst 37 – The FBI asks for help… so let’s help!

In this episode, we explore how we can effectively partner with the FBI to share information in the form of a CONVERSATION where everyone who participates gains. I lay out three steps that I think we should discuss to improve this process. I look forward to your feedback.

Sites to See


Some of the recent manifestos that I have read and enjoyed:


Actually, there are many on the list, and while reviewing the site again today, I downloaded and printed a few off. Many good things here to read and consider. Heck, we should consider submitting Security 2.0. Anyone want to write with me?
News Articles About the FBI Announcement

Cybercrime High On FBI Priority List; Help Wanted

FBI: Companies Need to Report Cyber Attacks

As you know, I am a strong supporter of the FBI and have suggested three ways that we all need to work together to make a difference.

1- We need to bring together academic, private and public sectors and begin a real dialogue about how to measure the effectiveness of security. We have enough brain power and models available. The time has come to advance real solutions. When we have a better model, we can work to share more information.

2- We need a taxonomy. We need an “open-source” style taxonomy that covers the breadth and depth of knowledge and experiences that we would need to cover. As we launch the community, I hope to advance this. I look forward to your help.

3 -We need a way to mutually share information. I listed out a variety of ways and will be testing one in my local infragard in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Updated Note: The episode doesn’t seem to be including in the feed. I’m trying to figure out why and should have it fixed tonight or tomorrow morning.


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