November 23

Security Catalyst 38 | Voting Security Mini-Series Gets Launched – 3 Things I Learned from ‘Hacking Democracy’

Now that the elections are over, I figured it was a good time to step up the programming of the podcast by introducing some mini-series. I think mini-series will provide us the opportunity to pick topics that matter and dive a bit deeper. At least, we’re going to give it a try… feedback welcomed.

To kick it off, I figured we could start by looking at the security around electronic voting. Yea, I know, the elections are over. To me, that makes for perfect timing. Less stress right now, and a good time for our profession to think about how we can help to improve the process.

Here are some links as mentioned in the podcast:

Google Video

Hacking Democracy (
HRM! It seems to have been removed from Google Video. Well, it’s still being aired on HBO – so hopefully you will get a chance to see a copy. It’s worth the watch!
Site to See

Securosis (
Rich Mogul’s Bio (

Voting Stories and Links

E-voting 2006: A touch screen, a missing vote, a mystery in Arkansas (

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