December 21


Security Catalyst #9 (Security Spending, MS Patches SONY, Email weakness)

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On This Episode
* 8 people have responded so far
* NO ONE has a budget that is shrinking, and the bulk are expanding by some level
* Compliance continues to be a driver, which really isn’t a big shock
* Trend is suggesting an increase in firewalls/ips, messaging security, organizational development.
* The biggest decrease is also in FW/IPS – i’m initially thinking this is due to lumping the two together. If you are in this situation, I would enjoy an email or phone call with some insights and experiences

Story #1 — Security Still Tops IT Spending
The big take-away from this is the spending for security continues to be the same (while others shrink) or increases. We’ll discuss how you can use this information to bolster or improve your own efforts.

Story #2 — MS Patch Cleans Up After Sony Rootkit
It may seem like the story that doesn’t end – and for good reason. After the recall is over and people think they are secure again because no-one is talking about it, we will still be faced with this issue. It is a big deal that MS has offered a patch for this, and you seriously need to consider installing it. Consider it preventative.

We’ll discuss why this is important and how to explain that importance to others.

Story #3 — Email Spills Corporate Secrets
Email has become a tool that we cannot live without; at the same time, we explore how our greatest strength is sometimes our greatest weakness. We have suspected for a while that users have been using email for more than business purposes and maybe leaking our private, confidential information. One study reveals the shocking proof.

We take a look at why, and talk about what steps you should be taking now – or planning for next year – as well as key ways to explain this concept to others. Understanding on this issue is important – after listening, you will be better prepared for these conversations.

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