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Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for February 5, 2021

This is the recap of the February 5, 2021 Security Catalyst Office Hours.

Learn more about office hours and join us on Friday at noon Eastern. 

With a potential theme of maps (which came up), we covered a lot of exciting and surprisingly connected concepts during office hours.

Some of the highlights include: 

  • Jumping right in to a new opportunity: embracing discomfort to grow
  • When is “good enough” good enough? What is the useful level for learning new skills and taking on new activities?
  • Where do we find the time? (This was a big discussion and the focus of an upcoming course) — especially the time to recharge and restore (which contributes to our feeling of defeat)
  • We focused on maps - including the layers, power of overlays, and how maps help us and others learn
  • How do we build self-awareness in ourselves and others? And does map-making offer a solution?

Here is the sketchnote summary: 

And this week I recorded a video summary, too: 

Some of the topics connected with the "Guide to Take Back Your Week" - the free guide to stop feeling defeated on Friday. 

See you next Friday!


Office Hours Recap

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