We enjoyed a wide range of discussions that shared a similar thread.

Here are the questions and ideas we explored together:  

What makes coaching successful? 

We tend to think about the person getting coached as the one who gets all the value. Coaches get a lot out of the exchange, especially when translating theory to practice. Just note different styles for coaching and learning to ensure fit. 

How do you build your brand inside the organization? 

Be real, and real approachable. Establish yourself by looking for ways to volunteer and contribute that align with your interests and passions. Show up consistently and get familiar and known for the value you bring. 

Are you known, liked, and trusted? 

We seek to work with people we know, like, and trust. Be authentic and consider: 

  • What are you known for? 
  • When and how do you show up? 
  • Do you do what you you said?

What does it mean to be the authentic me?

Is me at work different from me in real life (IRL)? Authenticity is not the same in all situations — consider exploring when you feel authentic vs counterfeit. Explore the need for (and to provide) psychological and physical safety for people to show their authentic selves. 

What happens when people feel disconnected?

People who feel disconnected won’t exercise your open door policy or take advantage of their opportunities.  Consider the relationship with each individual. Do they see their value? Do you see their value? How can you reduce the friction?

Visibility: being seen is the opportunity to be recognized 

What are you showing? What stories are you telling? What is your track record?

This is the chance to flip the bit from “what have you done for me lately” to “what else can you do?” 

Insight shared: need to make more time to reflect

String a couple of successful weeks together. What worked well - and why? What can I carry forward? (And how can I learn to be more patient)

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