January 15


Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for January 15, 2021

During Office Hours on January 15, we went deep on two topics: 

We opened with security and privacy. What started as a discussion on when security and privacy are aligned vs opposed grew into an exploration of identity, identity proofing, authentication, authorization, privacy vs anonymity, and what it all means for our future.

We talked about clarity, simplicity, and elegance. Of note was the allocation of complexity and the mental load/lift required. We’ll revisit this one in an upcoming Security Catalyst Conversations Podcast (in a few months).

I got some questions by email that we can tackle in office hours:

  • How do we distill to our best next step?
  • How do we ask better questions?
  • How do I learn to be more confident in my answers to the questions?
  • Are the voices in our heads really telling us lies?

Join is this week to see what we talk about. Or shoot me your question in advance and come be part of the conversation!

Learn more about office hours here: https://securitycatalyst.com/officehours/ 


Office Hours Recap

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