January 22


Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for January 22, 2021

We focused on 5 major themes: 

Gratitude in chaos: accepting what is in our control

What to do when intimidated by business leadership?  We had a brief conversation here with a promise to come back to this again. (update 1/29/2021 - we talked at length about how to prepare for and conduct successful meetings with executives. This is definitely a related topic.

What is the value proposition of the security team for the organization? How do we communicate our value so the business understands? We talked about the core questions the team needs to answer. 

Pacing change: when we’re gung-ho and ready to go, how do we ease change internally?

Shifting Security: how do we shift security from something that we have to something that we do. Lots of discussion around communicating value. 

Join is this week to see what we talk about. Or shoot me your question in advance and come be part of the conversation!

Learn more about office hours here: https://securitycatalyst.com/officehours/ 


Office Hours Recap

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