October 24


Security Catalyst Podcast – Show #2

We made it to our second show! Thanks to everyone that provided me feedback during the week, on both the audio and security fronts.

This show has been removed. Please check out a more current version.

I made some changes for this weeks show – I got a Mackie mixer to use – and as expected, it really made a difference in my ability to control the music live, as well as the levels and such (you’ll notice a bit of noise near the end of the show when the furnace kicked on).

I also positioned the mic differently and practiced a bit more with the pop filter this week to try to give my audio a cleaner sound. I have more improvements planned for the coming shows, as well. I also picked up a M-Audio Microtrack flash recorder this weekend and will be trying that out, as well.

As always, send feedback to securitycatalyst@gmail.com or leave comments here.

Security Catalyst, Show 2 – October 23, 2005

Podsafe music from Derek Miller and the PenMachine Podcast and the song you heard today is named “Clouds or Smoke?”

Check out the rest of his awesome material or subscribe to his podcast here.

Current Events

SBA Announcement Warning about Fraud

The VoIP Backlash

Software “glitch” – poor choice of passwords

From the Trenches

– critical mass
– being the minority
seeing from other’s perspective

Security Tip

How do you get your users to take notice of security? Have you looked at things from their perspective?

Parting Quote

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” Malcolm Forbes


email – securitycatalyst@gmail.com


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