July 17


Security Catalyst Podcast – The Value of Fundamentals

I’m back, baby! I know I’ve been remiss in sharing some ideas and observations – but I’ve been really focused. As I continue to focus on changing how people protect information, I have come to appreciate the value of the fundamentals. I share some insights in this long overdue podcast.  Things you will learn by listening to this podcast:

  • I am a yankees fan
  • Three lessons I took away from watching professionals and legends
  • How to have more fun at work

I also share some updates on the Information Protection Assessment Toolkit, make a special offer and update some of my travel plans.  It’s nice to be back. We have an SRT coming up, and I have a lot I hope to share… more to come…  If you enjoy this, let me know. If not, let me know how I can make your job easier and improve the quality of your podcast experience. 


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Tired of feeling defeated on Friday?

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It doesn’t have to be this way.