November 25


Security Catalyst Radio Improvements

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for the excellent feedback I have received, as well as the encouragement and support! Based on that feedback, I am happy to announce some continuing improvements to the Security Catalyst:
– Addition of a Marantz PMD 670. The Marantz will be used to record the shows, as well as capture “in the field” interviews.
– Bias Peak Pro 5 software. Each show will get some post-processing to ensure consistent levels and top quality in sound.
– Introduction of an editorial and and production team. The contributors to are now working as a production team to plan and prepae each of the shows.
– Revised format

Instead of one weekly 50 minute podcast that covered current events and then looked at issues the corporation might face, we have separated it into two different weekly podcasts:

The Security Catalyst
Released on Thursdays, this will have a simplified format that quickly touches on the “Hot Topics” of the week and then focuses on an “In-the-Trenches” issue with some ideas, insights and suggestions that benefit the security professional, practitioner and businesses. We’ll look ahead to upcoming topics so you can help! We are working to produce this as a weekly 30 minute program.

The Security Catalyst Insider
This show, released on Monday, will be a brief look at the top security issue or issues either in the news or facing corporations today. The purpose is simple: introduce the topic, describe key actions that we need to take and then provide the language and some suggestions for how to explain this to the people around you (family, friends, co-workers, end users and your bossses!). This show will be kept to 30 minutes to give you the information you need for a successful week!

The entire security catalyst team is going to be working on researching topics that we’re all facing in the field – at a personal, professional and business level. In the coming weeks, look for information on plaxo, linkedin, wireless security, compliance, policies and other topics you need to be more effective!

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