October 31

Security Catalyst, Show #3 is Ready

Security Catalyst #3 is ready and jam packed with goodies for you. Please note the audio on this recording is a bit off. I know it, and I now understand what I did “wrong.” Since I record direct to disk, I hope you’re willing to listen to this one anyway.

I’m starting to get my feel for the show – thanks in part to your excellent feedback. I’ll have the issue fixed by next week, for sure. Until then, keep sending me the feedback about how to make the show better for you!

This podcast has been removed.

On today’s show:

* VoIP Blocking Redux (I take a stand and explain my point)
* Web Banking Undergoing Security Upgrade
* Red Hat Readies for Government Scrutiny

Common Criteria Information

A brief look at partnerships, and why we need to move past “checking boxes”

The importance of “being present”

Things to do:
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* check out the message board @ Security Synergy (registration required)
* add yourself to the security catalyst map
* Call the listener feedback line: 206-333-1936
* If you liked the show, tell a friend; if you didn’t, tell me!


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