November 9, 2005

After a great week in the Phoenix sun, here is show number four for your listening pleasure. Keep the comments and insights coming!

Download The Security Catalyst Show #4 Here (48 minutes long)

In this episode, we take a look at:
Current Events
Grandpa sued
** We briefly examine why this matters and what bothers me about this case (and for once, it’s not the MPAA and their tactics). After talking about personal responsibility, we look at some of the deeper issues here, by talking about:

The new breed of WiFi Intruder
*** This is a case that sparked a lot of interest this summer. Worth taking a look into and then how this is different:
The Art of Privacy Invasion
And lastly, how one county in NY plans to fix all this

From the Trenches
Taking a look at the cost of Zotob
Why this matters to us in the trenches

I’m off to the podcast expo. Speak with you next week.

The following tracks from the podsafe music collection of podshow were used during episode #3.


Chasing Echoes

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