November 24


Security Catalyst, Show #6 (Google-Riya, SONY, Security Basics)

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Download or listen to Security Catalyst #6 here (38 minutes long)

This episode focuses on the “In the Trenches” aspects and is part of our drive toward a tighter format. Expect more crispness in next Thursday’s episode – and look for the Hot Topics episode to come out on Monday’s (also a tighter format). Thanks to Matt and Josh for pre-production planning.

On Today’s Show
Feedback from Josh

We look at the potential privacy concerns if Google buys Riya – and examine the need for an opt-out system.

More on SONY
We take a look at the corporate and policy implications that we need to consider.

In the Trenches
We need to focus on the security basics of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA)
Great guidance for this can be found in FIPS-199 – and I highly recommend you download and read this brief and highly useful document.

Your feedback is needed!
I am evaluating Plaxo (with the help of others) to determine if this is safe to use, or if it provides a security risk. I need your help!
If you use Plaxo and love it, I want to hear from you – and why.
If you don’t use Plaxo, I’d like to know why?
And if you’re not sure, let me know what questions or concerns you have, so I can address them in the next week.

The following track from the podsafe music collection of podshow were used during episode #5.

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