November 16


Security Catalyst welcomes its first contributor

Greetings, I’d like to introduce myself, as I’m hoping you’ll be seeing a lot of me around here. My name is Matt Yoder, and I’ve been an advocate for the improvement of computer security for over a decade now. In the daytime, I act as a Systems Administrator for a sizable state university in Colorado. In my spare time, I pursue multiple hobbies, including keeping abreast of the state of systems and network security.

Michael, your Security Catalyst and Bald Security Expert has asked me to join him in this forum to help make this site a resource for all things security-related. This will include links to significant news stories, with commentary by myself, vignettes from my own experiences in security and systems administration, and, I hope some “thought experiments,” designed to get you thinking, yourself, about security-related topics.

Commentary, feedback, and story suggestions can be sent to me at

I’d also just like to thank Michael for this opportunity to contribute to something I envisioning becoming an excellent resource for security news and information!


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