October 2


Security Round Table – Episode 5 – Security of VoIP in the Enterprise

Join us for our fifth exciting episode of the Security Round Table. Our special guest (and now newest member) is Dan York from: Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast. In this episode, we look at the general overview of VoIP technologies and the security risks – as well as the myths.

Dan is a true expert and instructor on this topic – and school was definitely in for the SRT team!

Joining in on this episode:

Paul Asadorian | Pauldotcom Security Weekly
Martin McKeay | Network Security Podcast
Larry Pesce | Pauldotcom Security Weekly
Michael Santarcangelo | The Security Catalyst
Alan Shimel | SSAATY (Still Secure After All These Years)
Dan York | Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast

**Note – soon I you will only be able to get this podcast by subscribing to the SRT podcast ***


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