October 1

Security Roundtable for September 27, 2008


Social media and social networking continue to spread – and that includes the security community. If you have heard about twitter, wondered about a service that begins with ‘twit’ and have pondered the advantages and concerns – listen in to the Security Roundtable that discusses those very points.

Our guest for this episode is Zach – security professional, friend of the show and curator of the Security Twits list.

Twitter: www.twitter.com

Zach: http://twitter.com/quine

Michael: http://twitter.com/catalyst

Martin: http://twitter.com/mckeay


Security Twits: http://n0where.org/security-twits/


Next Recording: Saturday, October 11, 2008 @ 10a Eastern – look for the live stream (and your chance to participate) around 10:15.


PS: 10 Days after the break-in and theft – we’re still working with insurance and others to sort out the mess, get the laptops replaced and head back out on the road. I will be posting a complete run-down of what happened, what we did well, what we learned and how we are going to improve. I’m also following the advice of my book – and will be publishing a set of requirements and inviting participation as we all learn smarter ways to protect ourselves. This will hit home for small businesses and those who travel a lot. 

I am confirming some exciting opportunities this week and next – and should be back out on the road within the next 10-15 days. The theft slowed us down a bit, but has not stopped us. Not one bit. Thanks for your continued support and help!


into the breach

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