July 21


Security Round Table – Episode 3 – Liability for Vulnerabilities and Responsible Reporting

I am excited to present to you the SRT’s third episode. The goal of these podcasts is simple: bring together podcasters and occassional guests to discuss important security topics. This episode had some great (read: diverse) representation as we tackled the issue of who should be responsible for vulnerable code and “good practices” around notification, patching and the like.

This podcast went a bit longer than planned, and I suspect we could have kept talking all night long! I personally learned quite a bit and enjoyed the opportunity to explore some of these issues and hear different perspectives. I hope you enjoy it too!

Joining us on this effort was:
Martin McKeay (The Network Security Podcast)
Paul Asadorian (Pauldotcom Security Weekly)
Jamal Khan (Hdaar Security Radio)
Alan Shimmel (Still Secure, After All These Years)
Ron Woerner (Security Catalyst Contributor)

Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? securitycatalyst@gmail.com

Michael (The Security Catalyst)


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