August 14


Listen to the experts, um, discuss “NAC” (An SRT special edition!)

Network Access Control, or NAC, is a hot and important topic these days. Recently, some of the experts in the industry starting a discussion via their blogs… Martin McKeay then suggested they take it to the Security Roundtable and talk it through.

Thanks to the efforts of the team, we can all be smarter when it comes to NAC. You can listen to the result on the SRT website, here: or I included the link in the feed. Martin claims he was an innocent bystander. I don’t understand the claim of innocence 😉
We’re scheduled to record another SRT this week, this time looking at the actions and impact/fallout of the AOL blunder. We’ve also got several more topics sure to impact our thinking in the trenches lined up for the coming weeks…


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Tired of feeling defeated on Friday?

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