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Into the Breach Audio Book Chapter 10: Reducing the Cost of Compliance

Welcome to the continuation of the Into the Breach: Protect Your Business by Managing People, Information and Risk audio series. (Click this link) to learn more about this how this book solves today’s challenges and pick up a complete copy. This series, underwritten by Configuresoft, now part of EMC, is the full and unabridged audio […]

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How Virtualization Affects GRC

By Dave Shackleford Virtualization technology is becoming ubiquitous. More and more organizations are replacing physical infrastructure with virtualized systems, including desktops and servers, and application and storage virtualization are popular as well. Virtualization changes a number of paradigms across the information technology landscape – some obviously for the good, some possibly for the worse. In […]

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Driving Compliance: What We Have versus What We Need

By Jim McFee A common statement an auditor hears is, “our IT department is mature; we have everything we need for an IT Audit.” A common thought an auditor thinks is, “yeah, right.” So which of these statements is more accurate? More importantly, which one increases or decreases risk? Without creating a laundry list, let’s […]

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