So I missed my Monday column. Didn’t post our guest article for yesterday and I’m really delayed on the podcast for today. Actually, I’m sitting on 3-4 podcasts right now… why, you ask?

We have started the Campaign Across America.
Well, not the whole thing, mind you, but the April Expedition. Five weeks, 7,000 miles and a whole lotta states! Stay tuned for map, updates and ways we can meet up and share some ideas. Or just a meal.

We are currently in Omaha, NE.
I am about to run out to a meeting and to have dinner with friends. As soon as I can, I’ll update our schedule (so we can meet along the way), the speaking engagements we have currently setup (though some are private) and some ideas and insights along the way. Turns out 20 hours of windshield and really _seeing_ America is rich with experience to teach us all.

Quick updates:
The book edits (3rd round) are done; the book is nearly done (I’ve learned a lot about writing and publishing in this last year)
The Security Salon has launched – and we have started helping businesses around the country change the way they protect information

Follow Along (and guide us)
If you want to follow the action, I’m now on twitter – – and trying to learn how to use it. I’m also figuring out how to post the photos I am taking along the way, with some regular updates. Ideas, questions, feedback and opportunities to meet — send me an email (securitycatalyst at gmail dot com).

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