September 12


The Catalyst Team Expands! Welcome David Stern

It is with pleasure that I introduce to you David Stern. David and I worked together what seems like a million years ago, and then crossed paths a few times in between. I have always been impressed with his energy, thought-process and drive. You can only imagine the pure energy that abounds when we get together.

After some coaxing on my part, David has agreed to become a regular contributor. So starting today, start looking for some regular postings each month – sure to help you think differently about how you practice security!

Here is David’s bio:

David Stern is currently a Security Analyst with Barnes and Noble Booksellers. Over the past 10 years, he has acted as a consultant for number of information security firms as well as worked behind the scenes in a number of roles including networking, UNIX admin, and software development. David has contributed to a number of publications as well as taught at major information security conferences. David is an original member of the NY Metro Infragard and a member of the NY ECTF. David can also be found riding a fire truck as a volunteer firefighter, ex-Rescue Officer, and a current Fire District Commissioner.

Please join me in giving him a warm welcome and encouraging him to keep sharing what he knows!!


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