July 1


The Challenges for Trustmark (or any Framework/Solution)

I am going to continue my examination of the CompTIA Security Trustmark by sharing some challenges inherent in groups — and then revealing some simple steps to overcome those challenges. Read Part One or engage in the conversation.

As noted earlier in the series, Trustmark initially eases the path for “channel vendors” to gain confidence in their VARs. Regardless of whether each vendor is conducting some level of “due diligence” today (or not); by working together on a common framework and audit standard, churn is reduced while assurance and confidence increased.

Trustmark may be currently focused on the 20,000+ members of the reseller community, but I see a short path to benefitting the fortune 500 companies seeking to complete their due diligence on smaller partners. I even see a path for doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Much like BITS is becoming an accepted standard for large organizations [download the framework here: BITS Framework for Managing Technology Risk for IT Service Provider Relationships], Trustmark can do the same.

Three Challenges to Success
Whether developing the Trustmark, working any type of certification or developing a new process, there are three broad challenges to ensuring a successful outcome:

1. building the framework/solution
2. applying the framework/solution
3. verifying the framework/solution

The balance of this series will explore each of these challenges to reveal what happens and how they can be successfully met. Seems that each time I sit down to work on them, I learn (and the article expands). To make it more readable, I’ll be breaking these down into a series of of readable columns. However, if there is enough interest, I’ll pull them together in the end for a cohesive paper and make it available for download. I know that I’ll be referring back to this research to avoid mistake in future efforts.

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