July 10


The growth of the Security Catalyst Community

For some, the summer signals a chance to slow down, kick back, take some vacations and prepare for a busy fall. I hope you are able to step away and get some much-needed relaxation this summer.

At the Security Catalyst community, we’re working to form a more effective governance structure, migrate to a new server, incorporate more support resources and generally improve the services we are able to provide to you – whether you are new to security, a seasoned professional, a security blogger or even a podcaster.

Since this is a community that is designed to support the way you practice the protection of information, I wanted to take a moment to recap the approach and goals of our community:

We are a positively focused and supportive community that unites passionate professionals to achieve three goals:
(1) Create a community where it is acceptable to be vulnerable and ask for help when you need it
(2) Create a community where anyone with an idea can share their approach in the pursuit of helping another. If today is your first day in security, welcome – share what you have learned without fear.
(3) Create a forum where members can share their passions, expand their thinking and find support with others who believe in making a positive difference.

After 6 months and nearly 400 members, I can tell you without question that those who contribute and make the effort reap the biggest rewards. I know we all hit patches where work gets insane; personally, we’re in the middle of launching some exciting new offerings, and I have had to cycle back on some of my more visible blogging, podcasting and community activity. It happens to everyone – so when it happens to you, no worries. But know this: you are always welcome here.

To make things a bit easier:
(1) You can subscribe to the forums of your choice through RSS. To be fair, it’s not the best RSS implementation I have ever experienced – and it requires some massaging to get it where it works for you. We had an extensive thread on making it work for you – so check it out if you are RSS inclined.
(2) You can set notifications “by email” to be able to keep track of new posts. This is the method I use to keep abreast of new topics.

If you have a question or challenge – especially when you feel way too busy, please take 5-10 minutes to share your question, frustration or challenge with your peers. If someone has already been through this, they can offer you support, some guidance or even schedule a call to save you time! That’s right – I have plenty of stories from members who reached out to help each other… and in the process, avoided the crisis and got their work done quicker (and arguably better).

When you are busy – please make an effort to check in once a week and find one post you can respond to. I know from experience I’m asking you to spend about 30 minutes each week contributing. Since there are no fees to participate, this is the currency of our community.

Offer help when you can, ask for advice when you need it.

Not a day goes by now that I don’t learn something new from this forum. I really look forward to meeting so many of you in person. Once I complete the launch of our new offerings and release my new book, I will be embarking on our Campaign Across America. We’re working to select cities now, but when we come to/near you, please don’t be shy – I’d love to raise a glass and say hello.

So welcome to the journey and thank you for being part of the community. As we continue to learn and grow together, I am confident that we all improve how we think about and practice information security. In the end, this is what will set us apart.

PS: I’ll have a few additional announcements in the coming weeks and months – the result of many months of focused work. I’m excited, and looking forward to sharing my passions and research with you. I’ll be slowly getting back to some regular podcasting and blogging. In fact, I’ll have some additional IPAT information for you available next week…


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