August 11

The Human Paradox Gap – Security Awareness Roundtable [Audio Download]

A common concern voiced in the industry is that people simply do not, and sometimes cannot, understand why they are asked to take actions for the sake of security. However, the challenge lies less with the individuals themselves than it does with a paradox introduced in Into the Breach and expanded into an applied model [click here to learn more].

The current accepted approaches to security awareness mask the real challenge.

Without understanding and addressing the Human Paradox Gap (HPG), so-called awareness efforts are more likely to increase risk instead of decreasing it. 

In this security awareness roundtable,  Steve Ellis and Chris Carpinello join me to explain and explore the real challenge underlying security and security awareness: the “human paradox gap” (HPG).

Listen to our recording to learn:

  • The human paradox gap (HPG)
  • How the Human Paradox Gap impacts security and security awareness
  • Why the gap has to be bridged in order to gain effectiveness

The audio of the roundtable is now available for download and enjoyment. Don’t forget to explore why the definition of security awareness matters.

This is only the beginning.

Learn more about the Human Paradox Gap and other models and methods of the System to Effectively Communicate Value.

To learn how to connect people to the consequences of their actions with effective communication and positive approaches that inspire behavior change:

Ask questions, share ideas and join in the conversation:


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