December 29

The Register’s “2005 Security Year In Review”

The Register has posted its 2005 Security Year in Review here:

I’d say it jibes pretty closely with the kind of year I’ve seen as well. Since beginning with the University where I’m currently employed, I’ve seen our name in local newspapers multiple times for cracked servers, including machines that I, myself, discovered were compromised.

Additionally, f I had a dime for every phishing scam e-mail I’d received this year, I probably wouldn’t need to be employed any longer. Ever.

I also tend to agree that the future looks like more of the same. As processor power gets cheaper, and script kiddies learn HTML, PHP, and Java with their mother’s milk, it’s easy to envision a time when legitimate traffic will be unable to find time on the network between spam, worms, and phishing attacks.


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