April 4, 2008

It is sunny and cold in Laramie, WY. I didn’t make it nearly as far yesterday (leaving Omaha, NE) as hoped (not planned). Part of the adventure, for me, is the ability to have a flexible schedule. We’ll be heading out shortly, attempting to make Reno, NV by the time we stop. That means we are aiming to cover 900 miles today, including tackling the mountains. I realize as I write this, it is not going to happen.

What I want to see at RSA
I have enjoyed seeing America (from Rt 80); it has helped me clear some thoughts and focus on what I would like to get out of RSA. I am interested in companies that either:
1. change the way people protect information, or
2. make it easier for people to do their jobs while protecting information.

I want to see solutions where technology has been matched to people… not where people have to learn to adapt. I’m certain there are some excellent technology-only solutions available, but I’ll leave those for others who are passionate about technology the way I believe in people and the power of the individual.

My schedule is a bit hectic, and I have over 100 requests for time and meetings. I have replied to some, and the others I will reply to this weekend. If you are looking to meet with me, please let me know if/how you fit into the criteria above.

Carrying the Message
We are on the April Expedition of the Campaign Across America. In the next few weeks, I’ll update the book website, establish a blog for updates and will continue to use twitter (http://twitter.com/catalyst) to share the journey. We view the campaign as a grass-roots approach to carrying the message that protecting information is the responsibility of the individual – while working with corporations, governments and families to explain how easy this is. This is the celebration of nearly three years of work that led to the book, the security salon and now the ability to inspire people to change the way they protect information.

We are working to plan out the official launch of the campaign – shortly after the Ironman Triathlon in July — and after the book hardcover edition is in print (June/July). We’ll publish the route, and I’ll publish frequent updates; if you are en route, we’ll try to make time to stop and say hello. More details will be coming… and you can always call or send me an email.

Use me for RSA
I’m going to be at RSA. I’m going to be traveling the country. What do you need from RSA? What companies would you go see if you were me? What challenges are you facing that you think I could help lend some insights on? Shoot me a note and let me know.

Speaking Engagements
While in San Francisco/San Jose, I have a few private speaking engagements; but I also have some public events, too. I’ll post a listing this weekend – but if you’re in the area, I’ll make sure we get a chance to catch up and share some passion. We’ll be in the region until April 17th — when we leave to head to Lincoln, NE to speak at the Nebraska Cyber Security Conference.

Drive safe – and reach out and let me know what you want…

About the Author Michael Santarcangelo

The founder of Security Catalyst, Michael develops exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the security mindset for success.

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