January 31

The Security Catalyst Show | Plan – Do – Review your way to success


Into the Breach is really taking shape – but I have been eager to get back behind the microphone and share the ideas and concepts I have been working on. You witnessed my transition to The Security Catalyst last year, and with it, my focus on changing the way people protect information.

In this podcast, I share a simple and powerful concept that can be applied to anything you do: PLAN – DO – REVIEW

I first learned about PLAN – DO – REVIEW a few years back when it was time to learn about nursery schools, and one of the schools followed the HIGH/SCOPE method. Curious, I went to explore and learn more. Since then, I have tested and adapted the approach for my own use – with excellent results.

Now I share my experience with you.

Here are three links if you would like to learn more:






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