March 5


Today is a great day (even when it rains)

When I got up this morning, it was raining outside. I was still tired. I knew I had a day loaded with tasks I had hoped to complete yesterday. I wasn’t in a bad mood, mind you, I just felt a bit “compressed” and “grey.”

Grey or not, I had planned to spend the morning with my children. Starting the day with cuddling and singing is never a bad thing. As a special treat, I took my children to breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. As an aside, I think I have the only two children who love Dunkin Donuts — for their bagels. That’s right – I got a donut and they got bagels and milk. Go figure. When we got to Dunkin Donuts, it was still raining. I got the kids out of the car and like a father duck chasing his ducklings, we negotiated cars, puddles and people to make our way to the vestibule. As I opened the door, my son exclaimed, “Today is a great day!” Instinctively, I agreed, but then added, “it sure is — but is *is* raining outside.” His reply reminded me an important lesson in life — he simply said, “I know, Daddy, but it’s still a great day!” He is right. Today is a great day!

Our mindset and our attitude determine the day. Sunny days are easy (bio-chemically and otherwise). But it turns out that even the rainy days are good, too. For example, rainy days bring puddles to splash in. When is the last time you abandoned “being an adult” and splashed in a puddle? It feels good. Not only for kids, I love running the truck through the puddles and having the water splash everywhere. Pure entertainment for the whole family!

I hope that for you today is a great day – raining, sun shining or snowing. Take the same approach with those you meet, and you cannot fail.


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