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Use straight talk to increase your value as a leader

Ready for some straight talk on your leadership?

Let’s start with a gut check question:

Are you valued for your leadership as much as your technical competence? Or does your organization consider you a leader or just the security person… with a team?

Survey says… most answer “the security person.”

It’s confirmed by perception surveys and anecdotal experiences. Worse, officers and directors are losing confidence. An increasing amount don’t believe their technical people are leaders.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a rub. Earning recognition for your leadership isn’t as simple as showing up after reading a book or attending some training. You earn recognition when you prove exceptional leadership and powerful communication.

There is good news. While it takes an investment of time and energy, it’s possible. I work with leaders from different parts of the industry and across organizations. Most struggle bringing people together to gather the insights necessary for better decisions.

Enter the Straight Talk Framework

You can read about the inspiration for the Straight Talk Framework here. It started as a way to cut through the noise and hype. Now it is a powerful way to bring people together and give them a voice without wasting their time.

The Straight Talk Framework also builds confidence. The structure and method boost confidence in domain, alignment, and resilience of the pathway. Those engaged share and expand their field of view. In the process, they gain a better understanding. It gets easier to work together.

Bottom line: it leads to better decisions, faster. Even better? It reduces the tendency of people negating decisions later.

Mastering the ability to get Straight Talk is your key to success.

How does Straight Talk earn you recognition as a leader?

Exceptional leaders bring people together.

Bringing people together is a challenge in most organizations (for all leaders). The pace of business creates a series of demands and pressures on everyone. Teams form silos and friction builds. Decisions are hard to come by.

You want to get noticed?

Start bringing people together. Stop wasting their time. Offer them a chance to share their experience and insight. Afford them the opportunity to learn from yours. Guide everyone to better decisions, faster. Decisions they understand and support.

Do that and you’ll get noticed.

You might even be sought out. You’ll build a reputation as a leader who listens. Someone that elevates others and honors their contributions. The person who gets things done.

The more you use the Straight Talk Framework, the more likely you are to earn the respect you deserve. Recognition for your leadership and not just your technical competence. As a bonus, you’ll actually bolster respect for your technical competence, too.

That’s exceptional leadership.

This marks an evolution in my journey to elevate and accelerate others. Leaders need Straight Talk. The framework is a solid first step on the journey. And this is just the beginning…

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Michael Santarcangelo

The founder of Security Catalyst, Michael develops exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the security mindset for success.