January 28, 2022

“What have you done for me lately?”

We need to flip the script on this tiresome question.

Sometimes we just want to be seen for the excellent work we’re doing.

Instead, the demands pile up, robbing us of the time and energy to finish our priority projects. Worse, we end the week feeling defeated and overwhelmed.

The more we allow this to happen, the more we get disconnected from our value.

If we don’t recognize our own value, it’s hard for others to see it. Because when we don’t see our value, what are we showing?

Showing your work allows you to share your value and helps you build your brand.

Did you realize you have a personal brand?

Folks prefer to work with people they know, like, and trust. Each of us develops a brand that others associate with us based on how we show up at work (and in life).

What does your brand say about you in your organization?

Are you known, liked, and trusted and recognized for the value you contribute?

When people don’t see your value, they ask, “what have you done for me lately?” Or the more crass, “Am I getting my money’s worth out of you?” in a nod to your paycheck.

Instead of arguing, show your work and share your value so others see and recognize you.

This is how you flip the scrip from “what have you done for me lately?” to “what else can you do?”

It’s a powerful feeling when someone else sees your value — and wants more.

This leads to the opportunities and challenges we need to grow. It builds into a healthy cycle of contributing even more value, earning more recognition. It feels good.

To flip the script so people ask “What else can do you?” consider how you show up and what…

… do you show them?

… value do you contribute?

… stories do you tell?

… progress do you prove?

… is your track record?

Imaging letting people see you by showing more work and sharing more value. Collaborate by crafting better stories that communicate what counts. Build confidence by showing progress with proof of value, backed by a track record of finishing and following through.

Reconnect with your own value. When you see it, others will, too. That’s when they realize they want more.

What else can you do?

About the Author Michael Santarcangelo

The founder of Security Catalyst, Michael develops exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the security mindset for success.

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