January 19


Why I prize agency

Do you have agency?

Agency is both the capacity to act and the exercise of that capacity, with intention.

Agency is the ability for individuals to think for themselves then take directed action. It shapes their experiences and outcomes. If we avoid subjective labels like good and bad, it means we’re free to choose our path and learn from the experience.

Leaders need to decide if they want to step in and solve problems for people or help individuals learn to find the right answer. When you choose to explore with someone in a way that allows them to bring forth and make sense of their ideas, experiences, and insights, you help them connect with their value and develop agency.

I prize agency because I believe in people.

Agency is the key to growing our value. The more we grow our value by solving complex problems and resolving conflict, the more we’re able to contribute. We earn recognition for our efforts, further strengthening our agency.

When you develop agency in your team, enhance accountability and stimulate the contribution of a rich diversity of ideas and experiences. Instead of competing for attention, we recognize our value and realize the value of others.

These are the teams we remember and want to be part of.

When we unite in value and embrace the unique value each of us brings to the situation, the results are remarkable.


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