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Your security project is slowly grinding to a halt. Timelines are slipping. Friction is building, and it seems like the project might be stuck.

It’s time to do something. Not just anything. It's time to take the right steps to get unstuck before the value is gone and trust destroyed. Like trying to get a car out of the mud, the wrong moves just get you stuck deeper and messier than before.

The problem is that while it’s sometimes easy to figure out that you’re stuck, it’s still hard to see.

  • How stuck are you?
  • What does that mean?
  • What are your best next steps to get unstuck?

And since this project is part of a team… are you the only one that is stuck? How much friction is there in the team? Does everyone even think you’re solving the same/right problem?

Meanwhile, friction continues to build

As friction crept in the project started getting stuck. The more friction builds up, the more the project loses value, destroys trust, and causes you and the team to burn out. Stay stuck long enough and the project loses all value.

The damage from this stuck project impacts other efforts, too. It means restarting this project or even future efforts a more expensive. It takes more time, money, and effort to rebuild trust and get results that unlock value.

You need answers with insights that lead to action

It starts with a diagnosis. You need to get a clear sense of the situation to avoid making things worse. Once you know where and how the project is stuck, you need a prescription. What are the best next steps to get unstuck? You need to act with confidence and lead the way forward. And that sometimes needs a boost to get people to take the first step with you, see results, and get back into the swing of things.

When your project is stuck, you want need to move fast

This isn’t a time for theory. When the project is stuck and friction continues to build, speed is important. That’s why we move quickly. We work together. In the process, you find out what you need to know to move forward. We also explore your situation and ability with Straight Talk. We learn to customize a solution for you.

Done right, it gives individuals a voice… and offers an experience that brings people together, focuses action, and builds momentum. And you want to keep it going.

The hardest part is taking the first step… so we keep it simple

Straight Talk is the antidote to friction. Not just the framework, but the system, and support. After working with teams for the last few years to pull it all together, I discovered that three key things are essential for success:  

  • Get started simple and move quickly
  • Give everyone a voice in the process to harness their experience and insights
  • Be prepared to build on the experience and keep the momentum going

The solution: Straight Talk Simple Start

It takes five elements to offer a rapid diagnosis, prescription to get unstuck, and energize people to take the first step.

Facilitated Straight Talk Workshop
Individual Guidance Sessions
Joint Assessment of the Project
Best Next Steps Review
Straight Talk for Individuals 

Bring people together in a facilitated Straight Talk workshop

Bring the team together to apply the Straight Talk Framework to the project in a facilitated workshop. Letting me handle the facilitation frees you up to participate and listen. The workshop gives each individual a voice in the process while providing the structure needed to properly diagnose the project.

Each individual gets a guidance session

This brief session helps each person make sense of their experience. It also offers deeper and nuanced insights into the project. This gives us a better sense of how the status quo contributes to the project getting stuck and what we need to do to get unstuck.

Joint assessment of the project for a more complete understanding

I know how to use Straight Talk to assess stuck projects. You know the history and context of the project and organization. Working together through a joint assessment reveals a more complete and accurate understanding of what’s going on.

Best next steps review

The path forward is dependent on the results of the assessment and context of the situation. Often, there are a variety of actions available to get unstuck and get the project moving again. The key is identifying the right combination for this project in this situation. Once the focus is clarified and steps prioritized, the team is ready to work together and take the first step.

And that’s why each person gets access to a course and a resource

After the workshop and introduction to the Straight Talk Framework, people often have questions. Or they want to tackle the areas identified during our time together. That’s where the Straight Talk for Individuals Course and Resource comes in.

It’s both training and support. It serves as an introduction to the systems that help individuals get Straight Talk. Along the way, it offers the insights to make sense of their experience and guide growth.

Initially, the course offers guidance for getting started with Straight Talk and how to prepare for the workshop. The course addresses common questions and offers guidance to walk through the process when needed. After the session, it serves as both resource to resolve highlighted opportunities and course to guide improved understanding and individual use of the Straight Talk Framework.

Note: individuals retain access to this resource to support the successful resolution of this and future efforts.

Are you ready to get your security project unstuck?

Let’s talk about your situation. We’ll explore just what this will look and feel like for you. Since each situation is unique, we can tailor the approach to meet your needs. And if you are interested to learn what comes next, we can talk about that, too.

Sometimes the Straight Talk Simple Start is enough - especially with the included course and resource for individuals. But I also know some teams need or want a bit more structure, training on the system, and support to get the results they need. After our initial program, I can custom tailor in the right system and support you and your team need.

PS: The first step is often the hardest - how can I help ease the process?

I get it. Admitting the project is stuck is big. But then you realize you need to do something about it. maybe some of this insight is a bit overwhelming and you want to talk it over to make sure you understand.

That’s exactly what I’m here for. Let's talk

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