August 11


Worried about the Bump Keys – Medeco has the answer!

After the “bump key” information hit the web, Medeco made it know that they are resistant to the bump key attack.  From the press release:

Medeco, the industry’s leading high security lock manufacturer, has expanded its’ acclaimed educational training module to explain the vulnerability that many locks face to a bumping attack. This training is offered to Crime Prevention associations and security dealers.

Medeco is commonly known as a ‘bump proof lock’ by those who view picking as a sport. Standard locks utilize a single locking point, while high security locks such as Medeco utilize multiple locking technologies. To see why Medeco is not vulnerable to this type of attack, a short video is available at in the Interactive Security Solutions link.

Read the entire press release here: (hat tip to Brett Lewis for pointing this out to me).

I’m impressed that they are offering training, but not sure how many of us will benefit from it. Regardless of whether you’ll be able to attend the training or not – this is valuable information. Now we all know that when conducting a site survey or assessing new space, we have a question to ask. And then we have a potential solution to suggest, or more information to include.

The website, while admittedly commercial in nature, provides some interesting information and might be worth the look, depending on your needs.


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